Water Club

The best way to track your water intake on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Social - New in 2.0

Compete with friends to see who can maintain a streak longer and fill their water ring more often.


The app's sleek but energetic color palette along with the minimalistic design of the app and its icons makes tracking your water intake fun and refreshing!


The Water Club app provides an efficient and easy-to-use way of managing your water goals. You can easily select a size from either the default container sizes or customize your own.

Works with HealthKit

Sit back, drink some water, and let Water Club do the work. Water Club, when given the permission, syncs water intake data to HealthKit. This allows you to access your water club information from the Health app, and other Health related apps, creating an all-in-one environment for all of your health related needs.

Apple Watch app

The native Apple Watch app provides a great way to log and view your water consumption on both the app and the Complication.

Daily Reminder

An optional daily notification will make sure you never forget to fill your water ring.

Earn Achievements

Achieving your goals is a lot easier when you have encouragement along the way. Water club offers 15 achievements to provide you with the excitement to continue your journey in improving your daily water intake.


Water Club allows for you to customize your water intake needs based on your weight to maximize its efficiency and helpfulness. You can also change the app icon to really make the app your own.


Send an email to me@alexanderrohrig.com with any problems you have.

Privacy Policy

Data shared with friends includes your first name, the percentage of your daily goal you have completed, and your current streak. Friend requests are sent by using the username you create, so your username will be seen by anyone searching for it. They can only see your username, no other data will be available to view.

If you use this feature, the percentage of your daily goal you have completed and your streak will be uploaded to servers. No health data (ie. goal amount, history, or body mass) will be uploaded.

Your username, first name, percentage of daily goal, when you last logged water, streak, when you last filled your ring, friends, and friend requests will be visible by Water Club developers and other authorized personnel.

To request a copy of data for your account or deletion of your account or any of your data on Water Club servers, send an email to me@alexanderrohrig.com.

Last updated on 8/25/18

Terms of Use

You must be 13 years or older to create an account and use Sharing. Sharing can only be used to track water intake. Water Club developers reserve the right to alter, suspend, or delete any information associated with a specific account or the account itself, for any reason. Only give your username to friends and people you know. The use of Sharing means you agree and will adhere to these terms.