Water Club

The best way to track your water intake on iPhone and Apple Watch.


The app's sleek but energetic color palette along with the minimalistic design of the app and its icons makes tracking your water intake fun and refreshing!


The Water Club app provides an efficient and easy-to-use way of managing your water goals. You can easily select a size from either the default container sizes or customize your own.

Works with HealthKit

Sit back, drink some water, and let Water Club do the work. Water Club, when given the permission, syncs water intake data to HealthKit. This allows you to access your water club information from the Health app, and other Health related apps, creating an all-in-one environment for all of your health related needs.

Apple Watch app

The native Apple Watch app provides a great way to log and view your water consumption on both the app and the Complication.

Daily Reminder

An optional daily notification will make sure you never forget to fill your water ring.

Earn Achievements

Achieving your goals is a lot easier when you have encouragement along the way. Water club offers 11 achievements to provide you with the excitement to continue your journey in improving your daily water intake.


Water Club allows for you to customize your water intake needs based on your weight to maximize its efficiency and helpfulness. You can also change the app icon to really make the app your own.


Send an email to me@alexanderrohrig.com with any problems you have.

Privacy Policy

All personal information and health data is saved locally, and can be deleted anytime by the user. No data is transmitted to our servers and the data can only be viewed on the app. You have the option to save data you input in the app to Apple's HealthKit. Apple's privacy policy can be viewed here. Body mass and water intake data are collected locally and are essential for this app to function properly. All personal data can be reviewed and corrected using the app. Email me@alexanderrohrig.com to contact the developer with any questions or concerns. This policy was last updated on May 1, 2018. When this Privacy Policy is updated, there will be a notice posted on the website.